Carbrook Animal Assisted Learning Centre incorporates an animal- assisted learning approach targeted at students who have disengaged from school for a variety of factors. The program systematically teaches the foundational skills required for re-engaging and thriving in learning. Over the last 6 years, the Carbrook team have developed a program with a strong reputation for the ongoing support of young people in the community who have been identified as ‘at risk’, and unable to attend other educational programs.

The Carbrook Animal Assisted Learning and Education Centre was established in January 2013 at Logan City Council’s ‘Old Carbrook School’, by the Shaftesbury Centre. In mid-2017, after the closure of the program, Equine Learning & Life Adventures Ltd  was established to ensure the long-term operations of the program and the program was reopened in late October.

In 2018, Equine Learning & Life Adventures Ltd reformed into Transformed Futures Ltd, a not for profit organisation which aims, among other things, to provide quality services, educational and other, for young people ‘at risk’ or with complex needs, and to promote life-long learning through valuing diversity, inspiring learning and expanding futures. Planning began for the Centre to be accredited as an Independent Special Assistance School. The Centre will re-open as an accredited school in early 2019.